Kory Benjamin

          "When I started with Jesse, I was completely and utterly out of shape. I was weak, had no muscular or cardiovascular endurance, and weighed 213 pounds. After following the custom workout plan that Jesse built for me, and following his diet suggestions, I was able to lose over 50 pounds in a few short months. I weigh 160 pounds now, have solid muscular strength and endurance, and can run 15km comfortably. Most importantly I feel AWESOME. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Jesse can definitely help you achieve them."


Raelle Adkins

        "Jesse is such an amazing trainer ! He not only makes your workouts fun, personalized to your goals and body type, but he is very innovative. He really helped me build my strength and toned me up for the summer. I always looked forward to working out with him because it was always something new and challenging. I love the Firm !"

Mark Genshorek

          "I have been training in bodybuilding and general fitness since I was 12 years old. When ever I have a question about my training, my diet, or any other related matter, I call Jesse Faubert. He has given me the tools to take my training and my physique to another level. Jesse has helped me smash through plateaus and really upped my game in the gym. I would recommend Jesse to anyone from a beginner, just trying to get into better shape, or the advanced athlete trying to bring their game up to the next level. Thanks for everything Jesse and keep up the good work!"

Su Ghosh

"When I started training with Jesse in April I had little faith that anything could motivate me to stay healthy and active for longer than a week. My history with "get healthy" resolutions and fad diets that started Monday morning and ended in a bag of chips and "The Real Housewives of (ANYWHERE)" that same evening were backing up my doubts; but The Firm offers what no diet or gym ever can - constant motivation and accountability. Jesse is so knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition and provides supportive guidance that never feels punitive. I definitely feel as though my fitness goals are his priority, and when I want to be lazy he makes sure that I put in the work needed to get me beach-ready. I absolutely recommend The Firm to people of all fitness/motivation levels. The Firm is the gentle kick in the pants I needed to make health and fitness a priority and with two months under my belt (which in itself is a miracle) I've seen great results in my shape but, more importantly, in my commitment to my fitness. Thanks Jesse, you made a lifer out of me!"

 James Bayntun

         "I definitely recommend Jesse at The Firm. I have done some personal training with him and it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned new, effective exercises as well as some great two person exercises to do with a training partner. This has changed the way I train and I would recommend Jesse to anyone looking to better their workouts, learn more about proper training, or in general, wanting to get into shape."

Laurie Royce

"Training with Jesse at his Bootcamp has been amazing, I feel stronger and have alot more energy. He is a great motivator and his inspiration is never ending."

Matt Harrison

"The Firm is what got me started working at the gym the RIGHT way. Weighing in at 123Lbs 2 years ago was a weight that I was not happy with. He showed me all different varieties of work-out techniques to condition and prepare your body for heavy lifting along with how crucial proper dieting was to ensure your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs. I am now at 165Lbs (nothing spectacular) but still a goal weight that I probably would not of been able to obtain without  having The Firm to get me started out the right way. "

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