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The Firm is proud to bring you the second edition of 'THE BLACK BOOK' training log. For this edition we set out to provide you with a straight forward, no frills training log that will help you progressively get closer and closer to your health & fitness goals. 

Keeping track of exactly what you did in your previous workout is essential to improvement. The only way to induce the training effect is to habitually apply an exercise stress more intense than that to which you're accustomed to. This is known as the overload principle. This edition has simplified the training log in what we think a very positive direction to help you accomplish exactly that. 

Written, formatted and edited by Jesse Faubert (BA-Kin CPTN-CPT), Chief Instructor and Founder of The Firm - Faubert Fitness. Kinesiology Graduate of Western University, with years of Varsity Football, elite personal training and coaching experience.


We will have a brand new 2012 summer order coming in June consisting of new hat designs, new golf shirts, new shorts & tshirts, stickers and a whole bunch more.

After going through our inventory over the winter we stumbled across some left over 2011 product. Which is now on sale for super cheap! Limited Amounts.


Collared Golf Shirt - 25$
Only 3 LARGE left
(click on picture for larger view)


DryFitted workout shirts - 20$
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               Fitted flexed &
          Flat brimmed Hats - 15$
                (7 1/4 - 7 5/8)
                 $25 VALUE


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